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Zombie Runner Bay Trail 12/18/11

Today I completed my 7th half marathon since the end of August. Today it was really hard for me to get going, it was the first race I contemplated DNSing. I just didn't want to get out of bed, I accidentally plugged in the address for packet pick up and went to the wrong place, finally got to the race with a good 7mins to spare! phew.

I'm moving and I haven't trained at all or done much of anything active since Big Sur half 4 weeks ago and felt totally under-prepared for this race. I knew there was a marathon going on though so I didn't worry too much about time I had as much time as I wanted. My mom did the 5miler and my dad did the marathon. The marathon and half started at the same time and the course is a half loop that the marathoners run twice. My dad is faster than me, usually by a lot. But he was tired today and so for the first couple miles we leapfrogged kinda cool. Then he pulled ahead but on several out and back sections I'd see him as he was only like 5-10 mins ahead of me (but he had to do a 2nd loop mwahahaha!)

I was tired that definitely showed my exhaustion from moving and everything, but I did 2 1/2 gu's through out the course and a FRS energy drink right before the race, so I fueled up way more than I usually do and managed to get through it. I set my watch to intervals 60/90 run/walk. First time I've ever used intervals through a race. I finished in 3:07:21 which is only 4 minutes slower than my PR! so I'm pretty happy with that.

My mom rocked her 5 miler and got 3rd in her age group! She is getting super speedy! Go momma!!!

I need to figure out winter clothing. It was 33 degrees when we started at 8am, and I was frozen!! I know many of you non Californians probably think me a whimp but buuur it was cold to me. And then it warmed up pretty fast and I had on way to many layers so I ended up ditching my sweaters for most of the race at an aid station I knew I'd hit again, but I hate running with stuff on my waist and I need to figure out this layers thing.... I wore sweatpants over my running pants that I ditched in my sweat check bag right before we started maybe I need to ditch more layers even though I feel cold with out them. *sigh* I can't imagine what you people do in snow races, or does it not really warm up too much to require shedding layers?

ok I've rambled on a long time! here's a photo my dad took of me as he started out on his 2nd lap as I was approaching the finish probably at about mile 12.5 or so.


Dec. 20th, 2011 06:48 pm (UTC)
So happy to read about all your running...so proud of you!

I have my first half feb 11th and I am sorely unprepared but I'll do my best to fast walk/slow run and see how it goes...its the Mermaid Sand diego half so Im excited!
Dec. 30th, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC)
I saw the shirt for that! oh my goodness it looks so cute!! I want to come down just for that lol

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