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Running of the Calves 5/8/11

First of all HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

Today was Palo Alto GP series 2nd race of the year. The Running of the Bulls. Their was a 5k, and kids races. I had planned on doing the 5k, but hadn't signed up. I was still considering signing up day of but I'm fairly sore from yesterday's 10k, so I'm glad I hadn't signed up. I had signed the kids up for the running of the calves (the kids races) instead of having one kids race they have two races for each grade level, one for girls and one for boys. Riley participated in the 100meter prek dash, and Darci did the 200meter first grade dash.

Riley running, he was bib #808 and got 3rd in his race, he was very close to the 2nd place kid.

for 3rd place he got a medal and to pick out a toy which he got this fishing set. He promptly handed me the medal not caring about it in favor of the toy.

After the kinders it was the 1st grader's turn. Darci on the left and Meera, a little girl that shares Darci's birthday in her class that came out to the race. Meera got 3rd place in their race, and Darci came in last. Darci's got the stamina for the longer races, but just doesn't get the go fast it's short mentality and came in last for her race.

She did beat the bull though! and she did run the entire 200meters. She was very disappointed that she didn't get a medal and toy, like her brother and friend. The race director felt bad for her as she was obviously upset and gave her a medal even though she didn't officially place. She was happy to get the medal but felt bad that she hadn't "earned" it and so refused to wear it, but clutched it to her chest instead.

it was a fun event, but I think I need to start having the kids practice dashes along the drive way so Darci can practice going fast.

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