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Danni's Journal

11 May


I am very happily married to my soul mate; Ryan. We got married March 30, 2005 in Kaua'i Hawai'i.

We love our daughter Darci, she was born October 1, 2004. A very big surprise! We love her so much and are so glad that she gave us such a wonderfull surprise.

We found out we were pregnant again on Friday December 9th 2005 My cycle the month prior and the month we concieved was very odd so we really arn't sure when I concieved we got our due date by ultrasound dating and are due Aug 10, 2006. Riley Lucas was born on August 3, 2006. One week early and perfect as can be.

I'm currently going to school for my RN. I'm taking my time with it though, only a couple classes a semester. Hoping to finish the program around the time both kids are in pre-school. I would like to eventually become a Certified Midwife, and help others bring their children into the world.

I have tons of hobbies, including all most all crafts (exluding knitting) some rarer crafts such as chainmaille, more common ones like quilting and scrapbooking. I enjoy living life to its fullest!

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I married my true love on March 30, 2005
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