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this morning I did my alumni high school’s fundraiser run The Big Bear Run. I ran the 5k in 34:46, which is a new pr for me, but not entirely happy with it. I had wanted to do sub 30min, my PR is really slow as I always walk/run 5k’s with my little kiddos (they get mad if I do a 5k without them!). It was pretty warm out there and I discovered that apparently my forearm swells when I run because the cast started getting tight on my forearm. I took a couple walk breaks. I got several compliments on being so color coordinated even with my cast. It was a fun morning even though I didn’t hit my time goal, maybe another time when I don’t have the cast.

I didn't recognize a single person which was very odd feeling for me at the race. I did meet a woman headed to the start line on crutches with a bib and I told her she made me feel totally sane running with a cast :) she's a regular coastal runner and was at crystal springs (the shirt I was wearing) so after I finished I hung out ate more than my share of oranges, and then cheered her into the finish. It was a lot of fun. At packet pick up the gal said over 1,500 were registered :) I got 11th in my age group not sure out of how many but my group seems smallish because most were teenagers and their parents hehe. can't wait for results to be posted and find out what I really did overall.

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