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Mt Diablo Half Marathon 4/21/12

Wow, I really don’t know what to say about yesterday’s race. I participated in Brazen Racing’s Mt Diablo half marathon. Temps there climbed up to 95 and the majority of it (about 12 miles) were completely exposed climbing mountains with 2700+ feet of elevation gain. I had my worst ever half marathon time (by a lot!) on 4/21 I did a 4:21 half marathon. I don’t do well in heat. I did finish with 11 people behind me, so at least I wasn’t last and only a couple 50k’s (who had a 1hr head start) beat me to the finish line. I drank 3L of fluids through out the race, so glad I brought my pack and didn’t rely on handhelds, and did more salt than I’ve ever done and still I had salt issues through out the rest of the day. I did have a wonderful time though, the other “runners” (really not much running being done, even the leaders were reduced to walking some of the climbs) were very talkative and we helped each other pass the time and made casual conversation, I’ve made a new friend who I spent many miles chatting away with. The other thing- for such a hot hot hot race I’ve never had so much wet! there were a good 8 stream crossings in the first 3 or so miles and then again on our way back. They were very nice for cooling off in towards the end. It was a very interesting challenging race, I’m glad I went and completed it. Quite an adventure! Hopefully next year will have better weather, last year it was a monsoon for this race where they were pulling runners for hypothermia and this year they had runners with heat exhaustion. When I got the 3rd aid station there was a mediflight landing for a down runner there. So I’m glad to have survived my date with the devil and managed to have some fun so I’m not stressing on the time at all, another day I’ll work on getting faster.

My garmin has my moving time at 3:44, I did stop for a long time at the 3rd aid station where the helicopter was landing as my mom was sitting at that station looking pretty beat up. She’s faster than me and I usually never see her till the end, but apparently she got dizzy and so sat there for a bit. She in no way wanted to drop though and after a bit we got on our way, my new friend who was with me is a RN and I’m about to graduate as an RN so we figured we’d keep an eye on her pulse and stuff if we needed to but my mom, when she sensed the downhills, took off and then I never saw her till the finish. Though it turns out she only beat me by 3 mins! If I hadn’t stopped for so long at the aid station I would have beat my mom for the first time in my life! But that would have been no way to do it, I hope to beat her some day fair and square! Also my garmin recorded the course as 13.95 miles, so it was a bit long I think some one mentioned that it was long afterwards but I was very confused when I hit 13.1 and knew I wasn’t that close to the finish yet as I had numerous streams left to cross. My garmin data: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/170638621

about to plow into one of the creek crossings:

with my mom at aid station 3:

so happy to see that arch and run under it:

chillin with hoover!

more pics in the my fb album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150759181277867.436486.535522866&type=1&l=2bbc119389

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