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Presideo 10k 4/15/2012

ok so I haven’t done a 10k in quite a while and I have been doing a few half marathons and walking 5ks with the kids so I wasn’t sure what to expect of this distance now. A while ago there was groupon for like 60% off this race and it runs across the golden gate bridge I figured it’d be a good training run for SF 1/2 marathon as the course is similar and would give me a feel for that so I signed up on a whim and then promptly forgot about it until friday when I got a packet pick up email. whoops. thankfully I hadn’t made other plans for this sunday so it was all on.

I got up this morning and got a premier parking spot, picked up my bib and hung out in the warm car for a bit. Saw a buddy of mine take off for the 10mi race a half an hour before mine, then hung out with another friend till our 10k start time. I’m used to being in the very back of the pack at trail races, I’m not fast never have been and am ok with my back of the pack station, so I line up accordingly. But that seemed to be a bit of a mistake, took a few minutes of crawling to get to the start line then it was a slow jog and we hit a hill quickly where the pace slowed down considerably. I tried to weave a bit but it was really tough with it being so crowded with slow runners. After a bit it sped up a little but still was very hard to pass any one as people were running with their friends and making large obstacles.

I decided to just be happy with the slow run pace and go along and not fight it, and turns out that I can run that pace for a lot longer than my “run” pace, and I ended up going a lot faster overall because I slow ran almost the entire race. I’ve never ran an entire 5k, I always get winded achy and tired and take walk breaks. So this was really cool. I did pick off some of the super slow runners though so it was fun passing some people. Also with crossing the golden gate bridge for 50% of the race we were stuck on the pedestrian sides and so 3 people side by side took up the entire running area. Also seems road runners don’t know how to run down stairs as there was a complete standstill at the couple stair groups.

the last mile was very hard I wanted to stop and walk it so bad, but I’d come so far with my jog and I wasn’t really in any pain just tired so I pushed through it and kept moving those feet and got it done! (besides it finished on crissy field which is where I did my 6hr endurance run on new years so very very very familiar ground as I did 21 laps there recently!) When I finally got to hit stop on my gps my personal clocked chip time is 1:08:58!!! I know most of you run much much faster than this but it is the first time I’ve actually ran (jogged) almost the entire race and it is a 21min PR from my best 10k time!! I’m so happy!! now I gotta get faster so I can do sub 1hr 10k hehehe.

garmin splits mile 1- 12:25 mile 2- 10:58 mile 3-11:34 mile 4- 11:01 mile 5- 9:28 mile 6- 10:28 .31 mile- 3:03 (9:47pace)

official time: 1:08:55 race place 1067/1667 gender place 622/1086 age group: 198/303

the home stretch just .2 more miles to go!! I was tired and wanted to stop but I was almost done (and I couldn’t let that guy behind me pass me lol)

in the finish chute after seeing my time whoohoo!

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