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Kids and I set out for the Lagoon Valley 5k this morning. Start the race, a bit chilly but no rain some mud from the previous night’s rain. Fast forward 10mins- WOOSH it starts downpouring. The trails became soooo slick the hills were insane to try climbing I remember looking down at my garmin and seeing we were doing a 36min mile pace and just kinda rolled my eyes. It was very single track and very slippery there was no way to pass the people in front of us that were going slow so the kids and I just plodded along. By mile 2 the kids wanted to be home quite badly, and got many agreements from the runners (guess we were walkers at this point, ah well) around us. Finally we crossed the finish line. I’d have to consult my documents but I’m positive this was our worst 5k time ever at 1:06. The dead last finisher completed it in 2hours and 30mins! Both kids got first place age group medals :)

The medal very appropriately shows a creature from the black lagoon with a bib that says “never say die”. I was so amped to do the half marathon here but the kids wanted to do it so bad that I reluctantly promised them we’d do the 5k, I think the half here would have killed me in these conditions with it’s elevation, the hills were just so tough to climb as they were so so slippery.

Kids did pretty well the first mile, slowing down when it started raining 12:43, 2nd mile 18:05, then the third mile was miserable at 28:43.

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