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After 2 weeks of rest, this morning I ran the Waterfront 5k in San Francisco (omg this city is abuzz with 49ers craze). I started out ok but by mile one the IT band issue was really flaring up in my right leg, which is weird because it’s been KILLING me in my left leg and while the right IT band wasn’t happy it wasn’t complaining like the left, but today the left was fine while the right one was PO’d. Maybe I’ve been working on foam rolling and all the left side with out doing the right side as much? at mile 1 I caught up with a friend who was having a head cold and wasn’t feeling the running thing either so the two of us walked the remaining 2 miles and had coffee talk, it was an enjoyable stroll.

my mile splits were: 1- 10:32, 2-15:09, 3-15:35
I have a half next weekend and I’m just not sure what to do. It’s a very mild trail half so I figure I can walk it if I want to but damn I want to break 3 hours for a half!! (I know there’s a lot of fast people here but I’m just not)

After driving all the way home from SF (like a 45min drive) I’d stiffened up and cooled off a lot and I figured I was in my running clothes anyways so I went for a run around my neighborhood (I just moved and I’ve been resting so it’s a totally new experience) One block ended up being a 1.5mile loop which I ran in 16:58 for a 11:36 pace, then I rolled out my IT bands :)

oh and what would a race report of mine be with out a photo?? Me and Tony (aka Endorphin Dude) post race, my buddy that I walked the last two miles with.
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